Beige spacious kitchen in the Provence style

Beige spacious kitchen in the  Provence style

Design of the kitchen’s interior is made in the style of Provence. Provence style is a simplicity and convenience, it is natural materials, it is the desire to create a comfortable environment.
In the design uses bright color palette for decoration and furniture, as if the use of sun-bleached pastel tones. The abundance of light, which is achieved due to the spaciousness of the room with large windows and cleverly arranged for local sources of artificial light. Ceiling is a split-level, painted in white color with beige piping and beige columns. The floors are tiled with bright ceramic tiles. Kitchen apron lined with tiles in ornament. Kitchen furniture is made in two types of wood and colors. Kitchen furniture made of wood in light beige color. Kitchen island made of dark wood, has built-in sink, it is also the area for the supply of ready meals. Small chairs around the kitchen island are dark color too. Lighting is in two kinds: spot recessed lighting and chandelier in classic style. Chandelier is also a decorative element of the interior, because in addition to its primary function of lighting the space, beautiful chandelier made of rough forging metal decorated with the image of kitchen facilities.